Wendy's Grand Gardens

Wendy’s Grand Gardens


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Become crystal clear on how you would like your garden to look and how you would like it to work for you.

Before your consultation collect together any sources of inspiration.

  • Pictures from magazines of elements of your dream garden.
  • Pictures not necessarily of gardens but that show the styles and colours that you like.
  • Anything that gives the colours and textures that you love; fabrics, paint colour chart samples. One client showed me a piece of pottery brought back from Greece, rich in yellows and blues that became the main inspiration for her garden.
  • Make a wish list of all the things you would like in your garden. Go mad! Make it a real wish list. Pond, pergola, shed, green house, hot tub, swimming pool, trees, a large lawn, white border, let your imagination run loose.
  • Make a board on Pinterest. I love this one as we can share and add to each others boards

    Choose your comfy spot Wendy's Grand Gardens

    Choose your comfy spot

After your free session, if you wish to go ahead with a Garden Design, the next step is  to go over the 21 Step Garden Design Check List.

This is the starting point of the design process and will take from an hour to half a day depending on the size of the garden and complexity of the design requirements.

If you want to jump ahead download my Wendy’s Grand Gardens Design Check List and also receive the follow up 5 part, 21 easy steps to design a beautiful garden. If you can, print it off, or if not get out the old pen and paper and start writing.

Wendy’s Grand Gardens Design Checklist.

If not, no worries, I will bring a copy with me and we can fill it out together.

Wendy's Grand Gardens design

Wendy’s Grand Gardens design

The 21 questions cover

  • The transformation you would like to achieve in your garden.
  • Different elements you would like to include. Defining your wish list.
  • Noting which structures and plants to keep. For example shed, trees, plants.
  • The potential of your gardens’ growing conditions. For example a north facing damp garden is ideal for a different range of plants to a south facing dry garden.
  • Soil type
  • And many other questions 

For more information about the design process and Design Packages, please check out the Design Packages page

Wendy’s Grand Gardens Design packages

Grand Garden Design Checklist.

Book a free 45 minute consultation