I inspire people to create beautiful gardens, helping them to make the most possible from their outdoor space. 


Would YOU really love to have a beautifully designed garden?

So sorry folks, I am not taking on new clients at the moment.

If you would like your garden designed or landscaped please contact Ross Stothard at

01245 249 412 / 07736 349 777

Ross worked with me on most of the gardens that you see on my site, plus many of his own projects. Going from design to complete installation. He also uses CAD and can prepare 3D drawings for your design

Wendy Straderick garden designer Based in Essex

Wendy Straderick garden designer Based in Essex

Does your garden need taming?

Do you have a lack of knowledge?

Lack of time?

Is your garden overgrown, untidy with no areas to sit and enjoy being out of doors?

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

 A garden can be tamed with careful planning.

Statue and pond

Statue and pond

Many people struggle with getting the garden that they want, not knowing which plant to put where and the best time to plant it.

They have many ideas but are not able to put their plans on paper.

I can understand how frustrating this must be.

Many clients have come to me with their ideas and needs and we have planned and built beautiful gardens that are easily maintained and used throughout the year.

Book a free garden design consultation

Loving the lawn

Children loving the lawn

          “My garden works for 365 days of the year for 3 generations of my family. From children’s parties to family barbecues in the evenings and ladies lunches.

Keeping the garden looking beautiful

Keeping the garden looking beautiful


It looks beautiful,  is very low maintenance and you help me to keep it looking its best all through the year. 

I learn a lot  from you about looking after my plants and I enjoy it so much  when you do your make over visits each season.” (Lady owner of this lovely garden)

Designing a grand garden begins with me meeting you in your garden

A consultation in your garden

A consultation in your garden

Start with a free 45 minute consultation

Become crystal clear on how you would like your garden to look and how you would like it to work for you.

If after the free consultation, you would like to go ahead with a design I will tell you how much a design for your garden would cost and the next step is to place an order for a design with a 50% deposit.


Working out the design with sketches and inspiration

Working out the design with sketches and inspiration

This is when we really bash ideas around together until you can see on paper your ideal garden.

When you are happy that I have everything right, I draw up the garden design to scale with landscaping and planting plans.

 Included in the design will be all the elements that will make the garden perfect for you

  • Garden design for 3 generations

    Garden design for 3 generations 

  • Lawn?
  • Pergola?
  • Paving?
  • Seating?
  • Gravel beds?
  • Herb bed?
  • Box hedging?
  • A shed?
  • Trees?



To begin your garden transformation

Book a free 45 minute design consultation

In the mean time, to get you started on thinking about how you would like your garden to be, download my free Grand Garden Design Check List

Wendys Grand Gardens

Wendys Grand Gardens

A Grand Garden Design can give you a garden that you and your family can enjoy all year round




  • That is low maintenance
  • Has beautiful planting
  • Is perfect for entertaining and playing
  • Impresses the neighbours
  • Raises the value of your property

Instead of

  • A garden out of control
  • Boring, untidy and under used
  • You feeling overwhelmed
  • Never having time to enjoy your garden because however hard you work it doesn’t look any better.
  • Leaves the neighbours unimpressed
  • Adds nothing to the value of your house
Summertime in the garden

Summertime in the garden

 I can take you from feeling so despondent that your garden is

  • difficult to maintain,
  • somewhere no one wants to be.

To being the proud owner of a beautiful garden.

Where children can play, parents can chill out and you can sip sophisticated cocktails in the evening, enjoying the delights of having your perfect garden.

Knowing that your garden is the envy of your neighbours and would clinch the deal if ever you wanted to sell.

Contact me 07843 410869 to book your free 45 minute session

Download my free Grand Garden Design Check List. 

We have been very pleased and impressed with the work that Wendy has done for us. 

She has continually gone out of her way for us, from the design stage to the execution of the landscaping.

Her dedication to the project has been faultless, her ideas were ingenious and her skills outstanding.

Wendy really took the time to find out what was to our taste and we are absolutely thrilled with what she has created for us.

I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy to anyone. We never could have created something so good without her expertise.

Written by the lovely owners of a garden nearing completion at the moment.

Some of Wendy' Grand Gardens

a garden for three generations

a garden for three generations

A garden designed to be enjoyed by three generations. After extensive building works, which turned a bungalow into a three...

Keeping it beautiful design package

Woodland Garden Update

Photographs from the Woodland Garden updated July 2018 This shows how the garden looked several years ago before the huge...

English country retreat garden

English country retreat garden

English country retreat garden This peaceful garden of an Edwardian house is set on the edge of an old village,...

Box hedging for a fresh new driveway

Box hedging for a fresh new driveway

Box hedging for a fresh new driveway Always smart and very low maintenance. The builders had made a fantastic job...

Terraced garden on a steep slope

Terraced garden on a steep slope

A terraced garden built on a steep slope There is a ridge that runs through the land in South Essex,...

Woodland Garden in summer

Contemporary woodland garden

Contemporary woodland garden A contemporary woodland garden being built deep in the Essex country side. A beautiful space, set in...

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